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The Sterling Buffet specializes in creating custom drawer liners and jewelry box liners as well as the re-lining of silver chest boxes. Our liners are handmade, custom-fitted and carefully tailored to securely hold your treasured items.
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Liner.....With Racks and Partitions

Liner....With Partitions

Liner.....With Stack, Knife and Butter Spreader Racks

Liner...... With racks and partitions and lift off tray for additional knives or butter spreaders in rear right are.

Boxed Tray Liner.....For Multiple liners in a single Drawer (Handles applied as needed)

Jewelry liner.....with partitions

Jewelry Box Liner....With Ring Holders and Boxed Sides

Jewelry Box Liner.....with Compartments and Boxed Sides

Jewelry Boxed liner.....with compartments and cross section pieces to divide areas in half

Jewelry Boxed Liner......with compartments and boxed sides
The base of the liners (bottom) is 1/8" thick, The partitions for the compartments and exterior walls, if applicable, are 3/8" thick.
All knives set side by side in a knife rack (European style) and are housed by their blades, We generally do not stack the knives unless specially requested.
A stack rack is a wooden bar that has slots in it and generally a quantity of pieces (8-12) go into each slot.
We have received many requests for sample photos and prices for our custom liners. Here are examples of each. We will add more photos as we go along.

Sample Jewelry Liners

Sample Silver Liners

All of the elements of our drawer liners are custom-made for each order and are
designed for each client's particular silverware size and type.
We cover each rack and liner with tarnish preventative cloth.
For the silver liners (not the jewelry liners), we attach a cloth flap at the back
 of the liner to be pulled forward prior to closing the drawer for added protection.



The base of the liners (bottom) is 1/8" thick. The partitions (walls) for the compartments and exterior walls, if applicable, are 3/8" thick.

This is an example of a Eureopean Rack with this all of the place pieces
A Stack Rack is a wooden bar that has slots in it and generally a quantity of pieces (8-12) go into each slot.

With Stack Racking pieces will stack on top of one another.
All knives set side by side in a Knife Rack (European style) and are housed by their blades, We generally do not stack the knives unless specially requested.

Knife and Hollow Handle Racks are spaced to fit the thickness of individual items.
The base of the liners (bottom) is 1/8" thick, The partitions (walls) for the compartments and exterior walls, if applicable, are 3/8" thick.
All knives set side by side in a knife rack (European style) and are housed by their blades, We generally do not stack the knives unless specially requested.

Color Choices are Brown, Red, Light Gray, Burgundy, Sage Green, Forest Green, Blue, Black (and Navy Blue(not shown above))

Drawer with European racking with pieces in place (note: pieces used are not necessarily correct for the spacing).

European Racking without pieces in place

This is also an example of soft sides. These sides are used to cover the side of the drawers instead of making the liner with cloth covered wood sides which takes up a bit more room as shown in the above examples of boxed liners. Ask about the pricing and application of these soft sides.

We need the following information to provide a price estimate for you:
1. The inside dimensions of your drawer (s). Be sure to let us know which is the width and which is the Depth
2.  Depth (front to back)
3. Width (left to right)
4.  Height
Please make sure that these are the actual measurements. Do not deduct for fit as we will make adjustments for proper fit.
5. An itemized listing of what items you will be storing in your liner. (12 dinner forks, 18 salad forks, 12 dinner knives etc.)
6. The length of your dinner fork and dinner knife as well as any pieces that are longer than the Table Serving Spoon in your set.
7. The  thickness of your dinner knife handle at the widest point
8. A listing of the hollow handle items in your set.
(Dinner knives are hollow handle where dinner forks and teaspoons are generally flat handle)
9. The name of your tableware pattern (for tableware liners) and Manufacture if you know what it is.

(If you want your liners to be compartmented and not with racking we only need the length of the pieces and quantity. The thickness of the knife handle, name of the pattern and manufacture and notations of the hollow handled pieces would not then be necessary.)

If we do not receive all of the above requested information your quote will be delayed by us writing you back to acquire the missing elements.
                         Email us at: with your questions or requests.


Let us know what will fill your needs and we'll proceed with the estimate request 
and will let you know in about 2-3 days time what your cost will be. Due to the variety of 
postage costs, we will charge you the actual shipping and insurance fees from us to you.

Delivery  time for custom made drawer liners is anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks but this can vary as we get closer to the holidays.

Here are just a few of the comments from our custom drawer liner satisfied customers:

I just wanted to let you know my silverware insert arrived this afternoon and fits the drawer perfectly. It is beautifully made and just looks like it came as part of the china cabinet drawer.  All of my pieces fit so nicely, and the graphic you sent showing where all the pieces were to fit, was just so helpful. It has been many months since the store started looking for the insert that was advertised to go in the large drawer. It was never found, and I set out to find a company like yours on the internet. Your information gathering was exact, and after all these months, I have the perfect storage solution for my silverware. Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into perfecting our silverware storage. The back anti-tarnish flap that fully covers the silverware is just perfect, and it seems you think of everything. I feel more ready to entertain with everything finally in place.

God Bless you,

Helen E. Hall
Wildwood, MO

Jeffrey B. of Nova Scotia, Canada writes:

“Today the postman delivered a large parcel to me that I’ve been anticipating for some time now…..carefully wrapped inside was my custom drawer liner from Sterling Buffet in Ohio. I held my breath as I lowered it into the curved drawer of my china cabinet and it fit like a glove! Next I unfurled every piece of silverware from their wrappings in the old storage box and set them into their new home. The drawer came alive with the silver set against the black liner, and for the first time, other than on the dining table, it really looked terrific. Now it is both easily accessible and a pleasure to view! My only regret is that I didn’t do this a long time ago!

Sterling Buffet, you have been a pleasure to work with and I have no doubt you are top-of-the-line in your craft. I will recommend you to everyone!”

Mary W. of Georgia Writes:

The drawer liners are perfect! Thank you so much! They fit the drawers of my serving piece like a glove. Also, I would have never been able to fit my silverware's oversized handles into a standard drawer liner. The custom red color looks great with my color scheme! You top it off by sending a diagram: what goes where! I couldn't be more pleased!!! What a professional specialized business you have! Thank you immensely!

Gina D. Of Missouri Writes:

I should have written earlier to let you know how pleased I am with my drawer liners. They are a PERFECT fit, and I just love them. The workmanship is perfect, and you were so helpful. I have had both my silverware and the cabinet with the drawers for over thirty years, but never thought about having custom liners made until I found your web page. I have been able to throw away the old chest, which never really accommodated all my silverware, and also clean out those four junk drawers and turn them into a really useful buffet cabinet.
I am delighted - many thanks.

Shirley C. of Pennsylvania Writes:

Just wanted to let you know the liners arrived today and they fit in the drawers perfectly! I had fun following the map that you included with each liner – everything really had a home!! Thanks!

Connie R. of Richmond Virginia Writes:

The drawer liner arrived this morning and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the finished product.  It fits the drawer like a dream and I can't wait to fill the spaces with my silver. Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience.

Patti S of Charleston Illinois writes:

Chris and Tom, I was jumping out of my skin today waiting for the delivery of your drawer insert.  It got here around 5:30 dinner time. Fits PERFECTLY. The layout is perfect...all the silverware has been moved to its permanent home! You are absolutely the best especially considering the fact that I didn't have any references to check to ensure your quality.  Feel free to use my name for others who may want to order from you. I am so pleased....thank you. Now....with time, perhaps I can purchase the few pieces that I need to make 12 place settings. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! xoxoxoxoxox Patti

Alexandria Virginia Writes:

Chris and Tom: What a wonderful surprise to arrive home this evening and find a package from you on the front porch. The liners are absolutely perfect - everything I had hoped for and more! They fit into the drawers perfectly and the silver looks gorgeous. So convenient to use - no more silver chests in out of the way storage spots. I am a very happy camper (customer) and would recommend your services to the world (even those who do not ask). Thank you the great service and your expertise. I love the look of the liners -they are what I wanted. PS - Let me know if you need any testimonials - I'm all over it!

We have quoted the following liners for clients in the past:

12 3/8" x 16 3/8" x 3 3/4" curved front liner stacked (2 liners) holding 106 pcs. $261.00 for the set.
11 1/2" x 15 3/4" x 3"  holding 110 pieces $68.00
20 3/8" x 15 3/8" x 2 3/16" flat no racking $68.00
26 1/2" x 11 3/4" x 5 3/4" holding 147 pieces  with a double knife tray stacking and partitions $209.00
20 3/8" x  15 3/8" x 2 1/8" holding 108 pc $116.00
4 drawers 19" x 12" x 6" holding 308 pieces $75.00 ea
26 7/8" x 20" x 3 1/2" holding 119 pcs with racking and boxed sides $536.00

The above prices are only for examples. Each liner price can vary depending on number of hollow handle pieces, height of drawers, number of flat handle pieces , necessary layouts,
customer special request, boxed sides, etc.

There will be a 30% cancellation fee for custom drawer liners that are cancelled after production has begun.

Check out a few of our Bargain liners
in our ready made clearance section.

Here are some examples of other custom work that we have done for our various clients:

These are the prototype pieces for a gun rack with leather coverings:

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